Ban List Update

    • Official Post

    It has been a few days now with the new forum and we did some more changes to it.

    Here is a small change log.

    - Updated Forum to 5.5.5

    - Added Leaderboards for Fungrades 2022

    - Deprecated BanMe System.

    - Server Bans are now handled through this Framework. List can be ordered by Ban ID, Ban Date and Unban Date.

    - SSL. Website now has SSL which means it will now always be https:// instead of http:// notice the missing s in http://

    - Unix Timestamp BB Code. You can post a specific time using the unix timestamp and will be automatically converted to a "human readiable time format" Example: [unixtime]1674479267[/unixtime] which will be converted to Monday, 23. January 2023, 13:07:47

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