Balancing maps

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As of it is right now, the maps on the EU3 server is heavily survivor sided, so here is a list of things that I consider them changed to benefit zombies:
  • On Church,
    • Like the windows inside the church, do it sorta like that as well for the balcony on the building around the corner since most people do shoot zombies there.
  • On "Army of "Deadities"
    • Remove the invisible walls around the passages except the passage from behind (where the book is).
    • Lower the first aid kits available on the map.
  • On Bar
    • Decrease the amount of shotguns/revolvers available on the map, and replace their spots with rifles.
    • Windows should also be left blanked out for survivors since they're sorta spawnkilling outside.
  • On Jigsawgame
    • Add a cooldown on the glass walls, so they will be opened again without pressing any buttons.
    • Water should damage more for both parties.
  • On Lila Billy
    • Considerably decrease the shotguns and shotgun ammo available on the map. There are simply too much of them.
  • On Zombo Armory
    • Add one or two carriers on the map to give the starter zombies a chance.
    • Change the barrels so that they also damage survivors as well. As of it is right now, it only makes for the zombies worse.
  • On Lake maps
    • (In zpo_lake_legends_sfr_v9) Add a timer for the radio, so that the chopper doesn't come instantly.
    • (In zpo_lake_legends_sfr_v9) Add invisible walls around the walls on the big tower where the helicopter lands on, so the survivors cannot escape through jumping on edges.
    • (in zpo_lake_acid_sfr_v9) Add few ways to climb up around buildings.
  • On Rabbit Hole
    • Move and add a few zombie spawns closer to the exits (except in the end)
  • On Bunker Survival
    • After the main gate is closed, add few zombie spawns near the entrances.
    • Doom Mode should have its time extended around for one more minute.
    • Remove the door in the zombie spawn, so that they cannot get stuck with.
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