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Add more classic maps to the rotation, to entice new people into the server.

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I was gonna post this during the point system in EU3, but I kinda understood why the maps like the classic church maps weren't in the rotation, with the unbalance between the new players and the regulars, but mostly the spawncamping that comes along, so I backed off.

For the really old ZPS players ( No offense ), you may remember sammy zps servers had such maps like church siege, cabin fever, all those lake maps, which were the best of all the maps to entice people to the server.I remember that with just 2 or 3 ppl in the server, once the map changed to church, by the end of the 1st round the server would already be half full at least.
Yes, times changed, there aren't as many people playing now as before, but if you look for example at our EU2 Cabin 24/7 server, why do you think it's always full ? Or the skittles 24/7 server, which I honestly think it's the only bad version of the church map with the op basement, but it's still loaded with people, aswell as the lake 24/7 server with an horrible ping lately. People LOVE these maps, they are fun because it requires cooperation, zombies attack in hordes and sometimes it's a massacre but that's part of the fun, you have to barricade and you can get creative with it, it's what the ZPS creators wanted when making the game, and people install the game for it.

So now that things are more balanced between new and regular players (upgrade wise, Loki's aim is still broken) I come to ask to add the classic and fun maps, churches, lakes, and certain cabin maps.
Think with me: Humans now run slower, especially carrying alot of ammo/weapons, zombies can outrun them way faster with or w/out upgrades, how long do you think a human would last wandering around in these maps outside?
Sensei Joux now added this great anti-spawnkilling thingy where a zombie killed within 3 seconds of spawning, the attacker loses hp. It won't stop the spawn killing completely in these maps, but it will reduce it ALOT and give the zombies the time to break into the buildings and eat your face.

NOTE: I noticed some of you don't really like these maps very much, but there's alot more people that do like them, stop being selfish.
NOTE2: IF, the church maps are added, please do remove the light at the toilet or make it impossible to climb the toilet, as it's unfair for others.
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