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The roof of the yellow house

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Posted by Cat

Sometimes, I think using the roof strategy is necessary since there's too many zombies and they'll break down anything, but the roof strategy will take them time. When I argued on the actual server they said that it's forbidden because players cannot repeat the process with pushing the furniture, which I think is not right. I'll give some reasons not to forbid getting to the roof of the yellow house
- Even if it is impossible, this process isn't simple for the human team either. They have to push the bed all the way to the balcony, which takes time and may drag some attention of the zombies, which can take them out easily.
- The rounds are usually the same: the humans end up dying because there's a lot of zombies, bringing some problems to zombie's team may be interesting.
- Zombies can repeat the same process. Someone told me that because of some people who step on the desk it's really hard, BUT let's translate this statement: Because some players are not experienced enough to do something, we should forbid it. So why don't you ban experienced players because not everyone can be like them? I think if you're not dumb as hell you should be able to push the table to the balcony and use it to climb on the door.
I don't see as to why people are so mad if someone goes to the roof. Even if someone does that, it usually ends up with him getting killed because zombies actually pushed the furniture, but people still complain. I think that you should allow going to the yellow roof since getting there is possible and if humans did it, then zombies should be able to do it, too.
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