Redqueen maps tweaks needed

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Let's start with Redqueen JX V2 (The Umbrella edition).

While it's kind of balanced than the other Redqueen map, it does need some small tweaks to balance human players a bit.
1. Before armoury, you need to push the screen to activate the armoury (Like always). But unlike the other Redqueen map, it doesn't require any form of hacking and is instanteous, giving a huge disadvantage to zombie players. What I am suggesting, the screen should be hackable and take about 20 seconds for one human hacking. Just like the other redqueen map.
2. At armoury, there are 3 ammo crates: Handgun ammo and two Shotgun ammo. What I am proposing is: It should have 1 handgun ammo, 1 shotgun ammo and 1 rifle ammo (Because you can obtain 1-2 rifles beforehand).
3. The "flying" pillars. This takes place right after the armoury part where you have to pass the huge door, the pillars will break off and fall on ground. After a few seconds, they would be raised on air and then drop on ground, potentially instantly killing humans or zombies. However, while this does give a good advantage to zombie players and make it as secondary antagonist to watch out for, it's currently flawed and partially broken. Why?:
The pillars break upon either falling on ground (after breaking off from their position) or they break instantly once they get raised in the air or, finally, break right upon hitting the ground again from the air.
This can be proved disadvantage for zombies because humans can easily pass through the area without navigating differently as the pillars potentially block their path.
Often times, the pillars will ultimately get destroyed once they are raised mid air, therefore they arent much nuisance for humans and putting zombies to disadvantage.

What I propose is, raise the health bar on those pillars significantly but they still should be breakable.

4. Finally, when the humans are waiting for the door to open so they can obtain a card from a "trap" room, the zombies spawn at offices. However, the offices are fully visible to humans and zombies are put to disadvantage to easy headshot kills by magnums or sort of. Perhaps make the offices very dark, making difficult for humans to expect zombies' movement and sort of.

Now, let's move to the other Redqueen, Redqueen R104 (The non-Umbrella version but "Rock" version).

This map is kind of unbalanced to zombies but zombies eventually, sometimes, overcome humans at the end of game. However, it still does need some tweaks.
1. Before going to armoury, there is a "trap" floor. In Redqueen (Umbrella version) the floor will try to suck you in the hole, delaying you significantly and giving advantage to zombies. Unfortunately, in this version, it does not suck you at all into the hole, putting zombies at disadvantage.
2. After the armoury, it's pillars again. Unlike Redqueen (Umbrella version), the pillars do not raise in air at all and the doors open almost instantly, putting zombies at even huge disadvantage, potentially raising the chances of definitive human win because zombies will then be unable to get some kills from the next stage (Standoff with heavy weaponry and a lot ammo).

Pillars should be raised in mid air and then dropped to ground like the Umbrella version. The door should be taken about 30 seconds before it gets opened, similarly to Umbrella version. It instantly opens once pillars drop on ground...

That's all I think. Humans win way too easy in this map due to lack of hazard dangers (The sucking hole and the pillars, coupled with abundance ammo and weapons unlike the Umbrella version).

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