Cabin maps

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As many of you have already noticed, the cabin server is really popular nowadays!
I have played a few spare afternoons on it and really enjoyed myself. Usually the games were reasonably balanced however I also observed some issues which should be adressed.
This is mainly the problem for the "new", "Fancy", cabin maps.

Since these new versions have quite big open spaces it is sometimes hard for zombies to evade humans walking around. This "hunting" usually occurs when zombies have a bad start, e.g. they can't get the kills from a house because all houses are usually quite easy to defend ( lots of boards, long time to use alternative routes if main ones are blocked).

I personally as zombie can always find some way to enter the house soon or late and I love to have the survivors putting up a good fight/defense. However I think for many unexperienced players it is almost impossible to break into a house and get some new zombie teammates in the process.

I wouldn't suggest removing any items from the houses. I discussed this issue with some other players today and we concluded that the new cabin maps should have a very dark outside area where it is hard to spot zombies from over 10 meters ( or at least so humans won't see them immediately and shoot them from the house or ground with magnum). Not sure if this is possible but ok, a suggestion, here you go.

Also I am a proponent of upping the infection for the whitey. Since I noticed the zombies have a rough start ( resulting in many ragequits I noticed) upping the infection levels for the whitey could be a good way to solve this imo ( something like 30% should work). If a player isn't able to kill some players at the start but instead has the ability/chance to infect some he will have a more fair match. Also I have not seen a lot of people quit because they were infected and turned to a zombie ( instead of getting killed).

With these suggestions I hope we can balance the cabin gameplay a bit better :)
Please, tell me if this is reasonable and if someone has other suggestions regarding the cabin maps be sure to mention it here!
See you around guys!
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