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Sticky Community Change Log

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    As some of you know for a long time, we had SoD Member role split for 2 levels: 1st and 2nd respectively. Mostly members themselves knew this since they were directly concerned by it.
    But this feature became outdated nowadays.
    So we have decided to combine both levels in one making SoD hierarchic level easier and clearer!

    That means, there is only one rank remains between your membership application and promotion to Admin for being mentally mature and server rules understanding!
    For those ones who didn't read it in our Discord ( discord.gg/JFgkHXC ) yet :P

    We decided to update the list of our ranks with new "Junior admin", "Senior admin" and "Lead admin" positions!

    So the table of ranks now looks like that:
    Server Manager
    Community Manager
    Lead Admin
    Senior Admin
    Server Admin
    Junior Admin

    "Trial Admin" and "Game Admin" roles were exchanged by "Junior Admin" and "Lead Admin". While "Senior Admin" rank is a brand new one!

    @Junior admin has some basic admin commands (less than previous "Trial admin" role), but now it's much easier to obtain that role being an active player and adequate person!

    @Senior admin can be awarded to a person who was with us for a quite long time being in a role of @Server admin... and who still keeps being active! It's an honourable rank, which also has some additional commands comparing to @Server admin rank.

    And finally @Lead admin.
    It's a staff with an extended list of commands, just as mentioned above "Senior admin" role.
    But this rank has tools for managing and controlling. It's a head of dedicated game project
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