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Fill the Servers

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      Fill the Servers

      Servers are often empty, lets have a talk how we can fill the Servers.

      1. Can we use Bots? in other zps Servers are bots :huh: if our Server empty they go to Server with 2 or 3 People. If there Bots on our Server they Maybe connect.
      2. If i connect to Server i invite gamer, if 3 Gamers connect and this one invite a few from own friendlist, Server is more attravtive for others.
      3. Is here Someone with YouTube skills? we can do promo.
      4. In Germany we have "Ebay Kleinanzeigen" i can do some ADS in it.
      5. I Need my Zelda Skin, than other People see me and think " aaarwh 8o" and they come more on the Server to see me again FailFish
      6. We have still member Meetings on Server?

      What do you think About it? or you have better ideas?
      eXuse me my Denglish hope you guys can translate it in English.

      If you type Google into Google, you cant break the internet
      Sadly bots aren't available for our community for the current ZPS version (3.0.9), but it's ready for the beta 3.1 (which sadly mostly not used by players).
      ZPS isn't same game like it was few years ago, as well as our community.
      It doesn't have previous player base it's way smaller nowadays and it's kinda hard to fill the server up :(
      But we still look forward and hope for the best!

      P.S.: joining a server and inviting few good pips - still may works :D
      That's true, Acy.
      But sadly it happens much often on Lila, since as a zombie you are usually been fired from all possible sides by humans.

      Can't even remember a worse map for poor zombies atm xD
      Looks like that map can be played by only true veterans, what's actually a problem nowadays :c
      That map is such a 50/50 though, in terms of a server filler and those who love/hate it, it always has been.

      I have seen it populate the server rather than kill it, but that was well over a year ago.

      My update to the map defo gave zombies a better chance.. Right..?
      The Traitor

      All Player start as Human. One human start on a other place and have 3000 HP. He have to barricade himself and defend his Position.
      The Other have 100 Hp and Play together to kill the traitor. FriendlyFire is on, if someone die 3 times he start as Zombie and attack the Group who try to kill the traitor.

      The General

      1 Player start as a VIP (The General) all Humans have to defend him, Zombies win when they kill the General. Humans win when time is up or objektives in map suceed.

      The Plaque

      all beginn as humans. 1 or 2 survivors are infected. After 10 seconds the infected survivors become Zombie (you cant kill or Cure this infected Guys). The Zombies can infect with 1 hit. In Group of surviver is 1 medic who can Cure the infection. But Medic can every round only Cure 10 times.

      we can use it in Member Meetings or to fill the Server. What do you think About it?

      If you type Google into Google, you cant break the internet
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