Zombie Panic Objective Help

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      Zombie Panic Objective Help

      Hello everyone. I have made this thread to direct and help anyone who has trouble with objectives in Zpo maps.
      It has come to my attention that some people have trouble reading and or understanding some objectives. so I will update this as possible with how to complete the maps of Zps.

      Redqueen: This is the most played map and simplist of the maps. First you go down the stairs and get the keycard, going down together will increase your chances of survival. Get the keycard, and return to the door. After you put the key into the door and open it you will come to a ledge that you have to side jump over and hack a door to open the armoury. This will also open the progression door and extend a platform to make getting over easier. Next you have to go into the newly opened room to trigger that door to open, but becareful for zombies spawn in this room. After that door opens you will come to a large open hallway. on the right at the end of the hall will be a hallway you must go through to switch off the power to open the way foward.
      One person will have to stay behind to switch the power back on. After the power is back on and the door opens, progress to the bridge and press the button either on the bridge itself or on the wall, in order to power it up. by then the power will need to be switched on. Once the power is on, extend the bridge and progress. After this make your way down the long hallway, through the zombies and their spawn, and press a button on the wall to open a door, doing this may also open a shortcut for anyone left behind.
      In the next room one person will have to enter a room to trigger the next door to open, doing this will close the room to close and kill anything inside. After this, make a mad dash to the end of the hallway before the zombies block you off and kill you. The final step is to stand next to the Final Door for 1 minute in order to hack it, then leave.

      GasDump: In this map you must go to an Abandoned Warehouse and both Find And Plant c4. This c4 is located in the second floor of the warehouse, However! There is a Tornado that will come and kill anything it touches. In order to survive this you must wait inside the Warehouse until the Tornado passes. There are two ways of getting to the second floor, By pushing a washer to a ladder, or by breaking open the battery room and finding 3 batteries that will then spawn after a bit of text. The batteries are located by the Counter, outside behind a Firetruck, and in a Tub behind the Zombie spawn on the side you came in at. After all Batteries are found you can use the elevator of which will protect you from both the Tornado and Zombies. Once you get the c4 you must place them in the highlighted zones, after which you will have 1 minute to return to and protect the truck at the spawn from zombies, It is recommended to have 1 person stay behind at all times as the truck can be destroyed by both teams. If the truck is destroyed you will lose.
      After 1 minute the Warehouse will explode and anyone left there will die. A short while after a truck will come to save you. Get in the Truck and you will escape. The match does not end until everyone left alive escapes.

      Res_Mov: This is based on the resident evil movies and takes place in the first movie, watching the movie will help regardless. Once you spawn you will have to go into the next room and open the door at the end of the hall, but be careful as zombies will come out from the left from a bathroom. After the door is open you must make your way up to the train and go to the right to turn on the power and activate the train. Once the train doors open you must wait for everyone to get in and push the train leaver to be teleport-ed to the next area. Anyone left behind after a certain point will be killed, as well if no living survivor is in the train the doors will not open and you can no longer progress in the map. After you get out of the train, head up the stairs and use the door to plant c4 and open it. After the door opens progress down the hall and through the stairs, keep going and stay to the left.
      On the right zombies will spawn, and later on you will have to return to pick up the antivirus. Make sure everyone is with you because the door at the end of this hall will s hut until you complete the objectives and can't be reopened, anyone left behind will be trapped there and if everyone else dies the zombies can't get to that person. Once everyone is with you, progress through the center room and be-careful for the zombies that spawn on either side. After you make it to the computer room you will have to wait and hold off the zombie hoard while 1 person enters the laser room and doges the lasers. The final laser will kill you no matter what.
      To avoid this laser you must back up to the very edge of the door. Once inside you will have to shut down the RedQueen and then progress through the inner lab and find a black book with a red outline. This book can spawn in multiple places. Once you have this book return and reactivate the RedQueen. Then go back the way you originally came and go to the left, you will find the AntiVirus room. Once inside you must break the door and take the AntiVirus, Afterwards return to the train Together and go back to the start. Once again, if there are no survivors in the train, the doors will not open.[/b]

      Ancient: You will have to break some boards blocking a open doorway and proceed to the basement. It is highly recommended to go together as zombies spawn down there and the enclosed space makes it very dangerous.
      Once down, there will be a crank that you must pick up, after it is taken you will have to return to the start and use it to open a door. Do Not throw the crank away afterwards as it will be needed once again. Go through the door and break 2 more boards. Once in the next room go to the closed green bulkhead, doing this will trigger the next objective. After the objective is triggered, you will see a icon in another room. Go there and click on the fuse box, it will activate a fuse that will glow. Find the fuse and pick it up, then use the fuse on the box. Turn the power on and go back to the green door. What this does is lower a gate on a ladder that you will need to climb with the Crank to use on a CrackShaft to open the next door. Afterwards the Crank is useless, and can be thrown away. Afterwards proceed to the next room. It is recommended to throw a grenade in to destroy the boxes and make passage easier. Afterwards proceed through the hallway, through the other bulkhead and to the gate. You will need to push the button to discover that there is no power. To activate the power you must both, push the generator at the end of the hall to the gate And find the gas to fuel it. The generator only activates once you push the Gate's power button. The fuel is in a office on the end of the room. To open the door you will need to hit it, the door will have a healthbar once it is hit. Once you pick up the fuel you can use it while pushing the generator. Once the Generator is both fueled and pushed, you can turn it on and activate the gate.
      After it opens, crawl through the gate and Wait for as many people as possible before closing it. The gate will instantly shut, killing anyone under it. The final step is to push the elevator button and wait for the elevator.
      Once you get in and shut the doors, you will escape. The round will not end until at least 1 person escapes and there are no infected.

      BlueVelvet: Make your way outside and to the left and over some boxes, once you get to the main streets there will be a telephone, Interact with the Phone and wait for the gates to open.
      Once the gates are open, proceed down into the subway and take a right, break the boards and proceed to the center room with the computer. One person must stay by the computer to hack it, once the computer is hacked,
      Proceed through the back and break the barricade on the door then go to your right down the stairs followed by another right to the subway car. Break the doors on the car, and find a dead body, take the led from the body.
      Go out the back break the doors, and go down the tracks on the right then take a left to find a door. Drop the Led from your inventory onto the door and use the led. Back way so you don't blow yourself up. Then go through.
      Activate the elevator and go down. Go through the sewer until you find a gate on your left and use the valve. It is recommended that one person stay behind to guard the gate as zombies may or may not close it on you.
      If the gate is closed, you can't reopen it and will die. Once on the otherside follow the passage until you find some glowing liquid. You will find and must turn some valves. Do not stop turning them until the steam stops, or they will glitch and may or may not turn again. If that happens you can't finish the map and will die. Once all the valves are closed hurry back to the first gate before the place catches fire and kills you.
      You must now reshut the gate to be able to leave.

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