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A run on Friday?

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      A run on Friday?

      So me and a friend of mine recently got back to KF2 since it had big updates and the Survivalist perk incoming.

      We've beem playing for 3 or 4 weeks and finished all achievements om Normal and Hard. We tried few on suicidal but we always get morons and retards with us who don't know shit about teamwork, perks jobs.

      Even though Suicidal is recommended for levels 13-25 I'd rather having level 20+ if not 25.
      I play Support and my friend plays Medic. Communication is recommended also, we'll be using Discord most likely.

      If you guys want to participate AND you know a bit about your perk, can communicate, got some high levels, contact me on Steam we'll try few naps on Suicidal and if goes well even Hell on Earth.

      I assume the SoD kf server is down, I'll ask Joux if he can revive it so we can lock it incase we're 6 and kick noobs incase we're not.
      Me? well i am a lvl 25 Zerker *cough exp map cough*
      Nah but, don't let my level fool you, i can play somewhat good i guess :p
      I main Zerk, 2nd gunslinger and 3rd Firebug (only zerk and gunslinger are somewhat high levels)

      Idk tho, give me a headsup when it's about to start and maybe if i am not busy with either making my way home or homework. I may then join :D
      How low? Honestly no idea I haven't played the game in a while but it's simple to get the hang of it :p don't even know if I have the game installed atm xD I'll check later on and update the comment
      You have enemies? Good.

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