*sigh* i guess it's time to run it down mid

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      *sigh* i guess it's time to run it down mid

      It's been a while since my last thread but i guess this is gonna be an interesting topic.

      How to deal with tilt.

      A lot of you guys have probably experienced it and you know how shit it is to go on tilt. I see a lot of people go on tilt for the most useless reason.
      My question to you guys is, what is your trigger, what do you do when you're tilting (do you troll, flame, afk, etc...) and how do you calm down? This might help some people learn how to keep their cool and play out a game the best you can.

      I only tilt when i'm playing at my best but i just see my team dying 24/7 and it doesn't matter anymore how well i play. When i tilt, i mostly flame and just play like absolute garbage. After the game is over i just don't feel like starting another game because of all the cancer i'm gonna encounter in my games and it's gonna trigger me so fast and that ain't gonna help anyone win games. I have some friends that get triggered because they get ks'd or the jungler ganks and dies to your laner and stuff but i don't see them having something that cools them off.

      This post might help some people no tilt from the face of the earth.

      Gl on the rift and remember. When you die by getting ganked, just afk :> <: (pls don't)
      I never tilt in game, I only tilt in my heart.
      Jk I never tilt if a teammate makes a mistake but when my team starts to blame me I tilt hard. I know when I'm not the one to blame and I know when I should say my sorry for losing the game.
      Had that 17/4 Renekton game carrying Lee Sin's sorry ass, at 20 minutes we were so ahead. We had a team fight, 2 of us died, support and adc and we killed 4 of them, last one was bot we were at Baron.
      They decided to Baron and their gp attacked a turret on bot. I decided to tp because giving them 100 gold each will get them closer to a comeback, did it and doing Baron was cancelled. Lee Sin loses his shit and starts calling me out names, I ignore. After killing gp we group up mid and have another teamfight where I stomp their mid and adc 1v5 and then team joins me for a clear ace. We didn't even need that Baron for a clear ace.
      We end up throwing the game somehow this stupid Lee Sin forces a fight dies, enemy takes elder goes to baron that we can't contest 4v5 and we lose the game. Lee Sin says at the end of the game "Report Renekton troll, tp bot at 20 lost game we could Baron"
      Oh man I lost my shit there, I had a perfect game fucking 17/4 invincible doin 1v5 and taking two with me lol.. Think that was the most tiliting game for me recently. Idiots happen in Plat 1 too, don't get your dreams about perfect team in that elo.
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