Hey! We mostly communicate on our Discord server nowadays.
So if You wish to chat with us feel free to join.

Announcement Dev Thursday Full Wipe

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      Dev Thursday Full Wipe

      Our Server info

      Map Size: 4k ( Previously 3.5k )
      244568 ( Random )
      Player Slots: 200
      ( Previously 150 )
      Map Link :

      Rust Update Details

      > Idle players are kicked after 30 minutes.
      > Syringes stack twice ( buff ), bandages stack to 3.
      > Grenades are now thrown faster.
      > Female Models added.
      > More textures have been added to monuments.
      > Changes to armour ( mainly a metal facemask nerf ).
      > Procedural map updates ( maps now look even better! ).
      > Full Map / BP Wipe.
      > Rockets fixed.

      Server specific updates and information can be found @ www.therustmen.co.uk
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